Comprehensive asbestos removal services

Asbestos was most commonly used in construction materials through the latter half of the 20th century as it was cost-effective, fireproof and virtually indestructible against heat, electricity and chemical decomposition and provided insulating qualities to the materials it was added too. Unfortunately, it has been found to have many serious and debilitating harmful impacts on our health, Use of asbestos as well as import and export was band in the UK in 1999 meaning that the legacy of this material will be with us for decades to come. With asgen,

you can find extensive asbestos abatement and removal services for residential, industrial and commercial properties.

We maintain compliance to the Health & Safety Executive regulations during the whole removal process to make sure you do not inhale harmful asbestos dust or fibres.

You can rely on us for quality asbestos services including asbestos surveys, site client liaison, thermal and acoustic insulation in Essex, London and Home Counties.

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